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Bowling is Fun. Ask any of these people. Where

else can you exercise, socialize and revitalize memories

for just 8 bucks? We have 4-person teams and some

teams would welcome new members since illness requires

some members stop bowling for the near future.

Join us at Colonial Lanes at Primrose and Livingston

anytime between September and May. NOW is a good


To join the fun, just call the league president, Dick Shorthouse at (407) 869-0247or email him at shorthouse@earthlink.net or contact the league secretary, Suzie Lampe at(407) 788-1469 or email her at jlampe@iag.net.

After 18 weeks the Ups and Downs, Left Overs and Three Gals & a Guy are in the lead with the Miracles, Alley Oops and Good Time Gang bringing up the rear! Individuals leading the pack are Robert Reimer, Lloyd McKee, Pat Acker and Doris McDonald. John Lampe, George McCumber Betty Hay and Shirley Person arenít far behind.

We have 17 weeks remaining so there may be many

changes in the standings.


Hello, Suzie Lampe here, new Secretary/Treasurer for the REALM Bowling League.  We would like to invite anyone who is interested in good fellowship, exercise and fun, to join us.  We are a handicap league, so low scores are just as good as high ones as everyone has great days and horrible ones!  Anyone who has worked for what has become Lockheed Martin and is at least 50 years old can join us.  You donít have to wait until you retire to get started.  If you are retired, now is a great time to join.  We bowl at 1:00 on each Thursday beginning the 1st Thursday in September at Colonial Lanes on Primrose near Colonial.  We will finish the end of May.  We have ďfunĒ bowling during the summer on Thursdays.  We bowl ďno tapĒ then.  Nine pins down on the first ball is a strike!  A great time to start and get in some practice.  There are cash prizes.  You can win as much as $7.00 and even get $1.00 for the lowest score for the game!  We bowl 3 games.  Hope to see you this summer!

REALM Bowling League

You deserve a break! Give yourself a couple of hours per week of socializing and a little moderate exercise.  Join us at Colonial Lanes at Primrose and Livingston from 1:00 until about 3:30 on Thursdays. 

Most of us throw 2 balls per frame, unless we get lucky, so there is plenty of time to talk about kids and family, travel, friends, books, food and ailments (knees, hips, backs, hearts, lungs, skin & eyes).  Donít worry about the need to come every week.  We all take time off for travel and ailments.  Thatís why we have those things to talk about.  After bowling some of us bring spouse, friends or relatives and enjoy an early, usually discounted, dinner together. 

Welcome back REALM bowlers and welcome those individuals or teams of 4 who join usWe are open to relatives as well as members who are at least 50 years of age. 

If you have a low or relatively high average, it makes no difference.  We use 100% handicap.  If your average is 110, we subtract that from 200 and add 90 pins to every game total.  That evens the playing field for all of us.

Please call Suzie Lampe (407) 788-1469 or send email to jlampe@iag.net to join in the fun.