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  • About the REALM-FL Website
    To get to the website you will have to type in realm-fl.org into your browsers address bar.  Trying to do a Search for our site will be problematic.  I have been doing everything I know to duck the search engines by putting only links on the home page.

  • The Home page is an index of everything on the website.  There is very little discussion on the index page so a search engine finds very little of interest.  There are three columns on the index pages
    The first column is club business which includes, minutes of the Executive board meeting, all copies of the newsletter,  how to get our e-mail address of members, our constitution, an application for membership, REALM Operations is a filing cabinet of our document formats.

  • There is a link to important phone numbers that you will need in case of death or how to contact your insurance.

  • There are no e-mail addresses on our website, and I have altered them so that the @ sign in the email address has been replaced with AT.  This is an attempt to foil search engines and e-mail harvesting software tools.  The e-mail addresses on this website are not for distribution of commercial business.

  • There are links to define Realm board duties, our organizational chart, the constitution, REALM records, REALM operations (How the club works), and what goes on behind the scenes of REALM.

  • The second column is announcements of all of the club activities.
    The right hand yellow column is pictures of all of our events for at least 5 years.

  • At the bottom of the index page is links to all other Lockheed retirement websites.

  • The discounts section is a problem.  To get a LM discount and to find out just which business gives discounts, you will have to log onto the Lockheed Martin website.  I suspect that you do not have a user name or password for this.  I cannot help you there.

  • There are links to the Photography corner that gives you hundreds of tips on taking photographs and processing them.

  • There are links to the Computer corner that gives you hundreds of tips on how to make your computer safer.  This corner is a little old.

  • There are a links to Golf, Bowling, Missionary Computer Fellowship, and the Science Center, Star Dusters, Lockheed Martin Management Club  to tell the new members who to contact.

  • At the very bottom is a link to Extreme Tracking.  This takes you to another website that shows just who, what and when people have been looking at our website.  This is mainly of interest to me.

  • If you have any suggestions on this website please contact Ed Jones at cjones21 at cfl.rr.com.